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Emma Brockbank, the designer and creator of Along Came She came up with the idea of a fun, stylish, colourful yet sustainable clothing line after her first maternity leave ended in 2018.  She was looking for a capsule wardrobe of items she could wear every day which adapted to her new lifestyle of working mother, and felt very strongly about creating designs that empowered women along with sense of fun and a conscious consideration about the environmental and the ethical aspects about how her collection was designed and manufactured.

She was looking for everyday 'elevated casual wear' clothing that also embodied a sense of fun but struggled to find anything that quite seemed to match her passion for colour along with her desire for fabric quality and eco-friendly production so decided to create a brand with this vision in mind.

Having worked previously as both a fashion and print designer she decided to channel her passion for good design, love of colour and skill at creating fun, quirky slogans and prints into wearable designs. Her objective was to create collections that are up to date with the current mood and reflect the reality of life for modern women, embodying a positive spirit of empowerment and a bit of fun, colour and sparkle along with it!

Environmental and sustainable fashion is taken very seriously at Along Came She and all items are created with an emphasis on sustainable materials and ethical production in mind. Almost all of our fabrics are organic cotton with some items also being made from 100% recycled materials. Prints are also oeko-tex approved and packaging is recycled and compostable. Read all about how we have implemented sustainability as a core part of our brand mindset from materials through to manufacturing, packaging and our work ethic here.

Based in Lewes, East Sussex, her collections are inspired by the truths, quirkiness and fun of everyday life with a good dose of pop art, a spoonful of vintage aesthetics all enlivened by bold flashes of gorgeous colour and a little sparkle here and there!

She hopes her designs can uplift, motivate and inspire others. She believes the support of other women, a collective ‘she’ combined with a constant injection of humour - being able to laugh about our daily struggles are key to staying positive throughout the rollercoaster ride of modern womanhood. 

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